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Hello and welcome! This is an interactive blog about tattoos and piercings. I am starting this blog to give advice and share personal experience as well as hear stories from you! I would love to connect to people of all shapes and sizes and I look forward to comments detailing what you would like to see on this blog as far as tattoos and piercings go. I have plenty of each and lots of experience in the matter. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again!

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Why Piercing Guns Are Horrifying

So you see children getting their ears pierced at Claire’s and maybe you’ve gotten your ears pierced too. It all went okay, right? Well, seemingly so but there’s a whole world you don’t know about. Piercing Guns cause a lot of harm you may not even notice. So why care? Let’s dive in.Piercing Guns are basically a spring loaded mechanism in which you place a sharp pointed earring in, pull the trigger, and POP! You’re done and it was painless. But there lies many problems with using this piercing method.

First let’s talk about the needles used. There aren’t any. Basically what happens is that sharp earring that is loaded into the gun isn’t hollow, so what happens is your ear gets popped so fast with enough force to puncture and stretch out the tissue to allow the jewelry to slide in. In turn, when a hollow needle is used it will punch out a small circle of tissue for the piercing to go through. 

That small bit of tissue taken out makes for better and easier healing. Your ear hasnt had nearly as much trauma. Not to mention that the workers at Claire’s or Walmart aren’t licensed piercers so technique and sterilization isnt the best either.

This is all assuming that the gun is being used on ear lobes. Never use it on cartilage! Ever! Because your cartilage is so hard, when the jewelry punctured through it will cause these little invisible shatters of cartilage. If it’s invisible then who cares? You should! Those shatters will slow down healing and possible even make healing impossible.

All in all, it’s just the safest bet to go to a professional piercer that you have researched well and trust to get piercings. There’s a reason reputable piercers don’t use guns! Let me know in the comments down below what you thought about this post!

You Got A New Tattoo, Now What? – Tattoo Aftercare

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Getting a new tattoo can be exciting! But let’s not forget to take care of it otherwise​it can turn out dull or patchy when it was colorful and perfect when you just got it! There’s different kinds of aftercare. What you do two years down the road can affect your tattoo as well, but just for now we’re going to discuss after care for day one.

Okay, I know it, you know it, we all know there are thousands of different methods for tattoo aftercare. I’m just going to highlight the most common methods here.

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Day 1

Depending on the area and your artist, the tattoo will usually be cleaned and wrapped before you leave the shop. In the case that it isn’t, go ahead and ask if you need to have it wrapped. It may be up to personal preference. Keep in mind if you’re traveling home it may be good to do so in that event. Once you get home it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the wrap on for at least an hour. However long after that depends on your artists instructions and your preference. Once bed time rolls around you want to unwrap it, clean it gently with unscented antibacterial soap. Remember to run gently with lukewarm water until all the gooey stuff (blood and plasma) is gone. Wrap it up if you prefer and go to bed! If unwrapped wear loose clothing you don’t care about getting ink on

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Day 2

Now keeping it wrapped is optional at this point. I usually don’t unless I’m in a dirty public place. Now you want to go ahead and wash the tattoo 2 to 3 times a day. Really just once in the morning and once at night and any additional times if it gets dirty. Keep in mind not to over do it. If it will continually get dirty keep it wrapped. Now this is the time where you should be using lotion. The most recommended by artists is Aquaphor and A and D ointment. You want a thin layer so that it is barely shiney and able to breathe. A lot of people also find coconut oil to work also. I used it in healing the bottom half of my sleeve and it went perfect!

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Day 3

Continue to wash it morning and night as well as using the lotion. If it’s a small tattoo you may be able to switch to an unscented lotion (Scented ones burn…. A lot. Trust me) if your tattoo isn’t raw anymore and starting to scab up. If it’s a larger piece I wouldn’t recommend it quite yet.

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Day 4

Now it’s more of a judgement call. Unscented lotion or ointment. Depends on how fast you heal and scab up. Keep in mind everyone is different. Just make sure to keep washing it and you should be able to apply unscented lotion at this point.

My healing tattoos

Day 5-6

Now is when I would say just wash it once a day, and apply lotion whenever it starts to feel dry. Stay away from thicker lotions as your tattoo still needs to breathe!

My healing tattoo

Day 7

Your tattoo (unless it’s a larger one) should be mostly healed now. If you have a lot of scabs you may want to keep washing it as that can loosen them up. Otherwise lotion is all you should need. Remember: Do NOT Pick Your Scabs! This will pick color out and cause blotchy lines and discoloration and if an artist can tell you’ve picked scabs they usually want you to pay for an otherwise free touch up.

Things to remember

  • Drink lots of water the week leading up to the tattoo and while it’s healing
  • Do not shave or wax hair
  • Do not leave it exposed to direct sunlight
  • No submerging it in water
  • No chlorine pools
  • Alcohol and drugs will slow down the healing process
  • Do NOT pick scabs
  • Do NOT scratch the tattoo. Just pat it

Now you have a beautiful healed tattoo! There are other methods to healing such as dry healing. If you would like to learn more about what dry healing is and how to do it, leave me a comment so I can let you know! Every artist has their own aftercare instructions so listen to your artist. This is just a general guideline for if you forget or didn’t get an aftercare sheet. Thank you for reading!

Piercing Places And Proper Names For Them

Piercings often have nicknames, which is fine! Not everyone will know the professional term for the piercing. But, when you go into the shop and ask for your Medusa pierced… well piercers cringe a little on the inside. So whether you don’t know what piercing to get or if you would like to know the proper names, keep reading!

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Okay, you can’t really pierce your eye, but you can get your eyebrow pierced! You can get as many as you can fit. You also have what’s nicknamed the bridge, the straight barbell goes through the tissue in between your eyes. You can also get what’s called a dermal. It’s an anchor that’s implanted into your skin with a post sticking out to screw on jewelry.

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You have a lot of options when it comes to the nose. You have the regular nostril piercing, double nostril, septum, high nostril,


 For the mouth you can get your philtrum (Medusa), a labret, vertical labret, two labrets on both sides (snake bites), you can also double those up (shark bites), the left or right side of your upper lip (monroe),


Cheeks are simple you can get one on each side which usually gives the apperance of dimples, or they can be by the corners of your mouth.

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For the ears you can have your lobes pierced as many that can fit, your cartilage (general term) as many as you can fit, helix, conch,  tragus, rook, industrial, diath, snug, orbital, etc. The possibilities are endless. I even had a vertical industrial pictured here:

Belly Button

Another simple selection. You can get the classic belly piercing, but you can also get the lower navel pierced as well! I personally love the look of it. In addition you can get each side pierced as well. There’s also the option for a vertical lower navel piercing. That’s a difficult one that doesn’t usually heal well for most people. But I still included the picture.

Anywhere else

As far as the general body goes, you can always get dermals. I’ll include some pictures below of some good ideas!

Keep in Mind: All piercings are done at the piercers discression. Not all people can get all of these piercings. All bodies are different so not all piercing will work out. Make sure to consult your piercer to see what best suits you.

Let me know what piercings you have or want in the comments!

How To Deal With Tattoo Pain Like A Champ!

Look, we all know tattoos hurt. Even those people that say they don’t hurt know that they can be painful. So how do you deal with the pain for hours at a time? In my experience, it won’t ever be painless and different areas hurt more than others. So here are some things I find helpful to relieve the pain:

Control Your Breathing

This method doesn’t always work for some people, but you might find it helpful. Focusing on anything other than the pain can be helpful, and a lot of people end up holding their breath due to pain. So what better way to cope than to focus on taking deep rhythmic breaths?

 Eat Lots Of Suckers!

Not only will your blood sugar go down, but your body will burn through all of the food you ate in preparation. So chewing on something can help distract from the pain as well as keeping your blood sugar up!

Use Your Phone

Noticing a theme here? It’s all about distractions. Playing your favorite game or watching a movie or even music can be a good distraction from the pain at hand.

Get Comfy

If you’re in an awkward position that makes you uncomfortable, the pain will feel worse. Not only that, but you will be hurting in more than one place! Ouch! Make sure you communicate with your artist about getting comfortable and they should be more than happy to accommodate you

Make conversation

Again with all these distractions! Make sure you have an artist or friend to talk to you during the tattoo. It will definitely help out a lot! Just make sure not to bring your whole squad of friends in with you. That could distract the artist and make for a bad tattoo and an annoyed artists as well

Numbing Cream

Now not all artists will allow you to use this as it can have the possibility of messing with the ink and artwork. Even with that, it doesn’t take all the pain away so most people opt out of it, but a lot of people do use it.


This doesn’t actually make the tattoo pain less while getting it done, but it will take some soreness away after. Be careful though because it will thin out your blood and make sure to ask your artist before the actual appointment day if they’re okay with you using it as it can effect your tattoo.

And that’s all I have for you today! If I missed anything feel free to drop a comment about how you personally cope with the pain or any posts you would like to see! All aspects of this article are coming from personal experience so make sure to consult your artist before hand if this is an issue you are worried about​.
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