Why Piercing Guns Are Horrifying

So you see children getting their ears pierced at Claire’s and maybe you’ve gotten your ears pierced too. It all went okay, right? Well, seemingly so but there’s a whole world you don’t know about. Piercing Guns cause a lot of harm you may not even notice. So why care? Let’s dive in.Piercing Guns are basically a spring loaded mechanism in which you place a sharp pointed earring in, pull the trigger, and POP! You’re done and it was painless. But there lies many problems with using this piercing method.

First let’s talk about the needles used. There aren’t any. Basically what happens is that sharp earring that is loaded into the gun isn’t hollow, so what happens is your ear gets popped so fast with enough force to puncture and stretch out the tissue to allow the jewelry to slide in. In turn, when a hollow needle is used it will punch out a small circle of tissue for the piercing to go through. 

That small bit of tissue taken out makes for better and easier healing. Your ear hasnt had nearly as much trauma. Not to mention that the workers at Claire’s or Walmart aren’t licensed piercers so technique and sterilization isnt the best either.

This is all assuming that the gun is being used on ear lobes. Never use it on cartilage! Ever! Because your cartilage is so hard, when the jewelry punctured through it will cause these little invisible shatters of cartilage. If it’s invisible then who cares? You should! Those shatters will slow down healing and possible even make healing impossible.

All in all, it’s just the safest bet to go to a professional piercer that you have researched well and trust to get piercings. There’s a reason reputable piercers don’t use guns! Let me know in the comments down below what you thought about this post!


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