How To Deal With Tattoo Pain Like A Champ!

Look, we all know tattoos hurt. Even those people that say they don’t hurt know that they can be painful. So how do you deal with the pain for hours at a time? In my experience, it won’t ever be painless and different areas hurt more than others. So here are some things I find helpful to relieve the pain:

Control Your Breathing

This method doesn’t always work for some people, but you might find it helpful. Focusing on anything other than the pain can be helpful, and a lot of people end up holding their breath due to pain. So what better way to cope than to focus on taking deep rhythmic breaths?

 Eat Lots Of Suckers!

Not only will your blood sugar go down, but your body will burn through all of the food you ate in preparation. So chewing on something can help distract from the pain as well as keeping your blood sugar up!

Use Your Phone

Noticing a theme here? It’s all about distractions. Playing your favorite game or watching a movie or even music can be a good distraction from the pain at hand.

Get Comfy

If you’re in an awkward position that makes you uncomfortable, the pain will feel worse. Not only that, but you will be hurting in more than one place! Ouch! Make sure you communicate with your artist about getting comfortable and they should be more than happy to accommodate you

Make conversation

Again with all these distractions! Make sure you have an artist or friend to talk to you during the tattoo. It will definitely help out a lot! Just make sure not to bring your whole squad of friends in with you. That could distract the artist and make for a bad tattoo and an annoyed artists as well

Numbing Cream

Now not all artists will allow you to use this as it can have the possibility of messing with the ink and artwork. Even with that, it doesn’t take all the pain away so most people opt out of it, but a lot of people do use it.


This doesn’t actually make the tattoo pain less while getting it done, but it will take some soreness away after. Be careful though because it will thin out your blood and make sure to ask your artist before the actual appointment day if they’re okay with you using it as it can effect your tattoo.

And that’s all I have for you today! If I missed anything feel free to drop a comment about how you personally cope with the pain or any posts you would like to see! All aspects of this article are coming from personal experience so make sure to consult your artist before hand if this is an issue you are worried about​.
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