Piercing Places And Proper Names For Them

Piercings often have nicknames, which is fine! Not everyone will know the professional term for the piercing. But, when you go into the shop and ask for your Medusa pierced… well piercers cringe a little on the inside. So whether you don’t know what piercing to get or if you would like to know the proper names, keep reading!

original image


Okay, you can’t really pierce your eye, but you can get your eyebrow pierced! You can get as many as you can fit. You also have what’s nicknamed the bridge, the straight barbell goes through the tissue in between your eyes. You can also get what’s called a dermal. It’s an anchor that’s implanted into your skin with a post sticking out to screw on jewelry.

original image


You have a lot of options when it comes to the nose. You have the regular nostril piercing, double nostril, septum, high nostril,


 For the mouth you can get your philtrum (Medusa), a labret, vertical labret, two labrets on both sides (snake bites), you can also double those up (shark bites), the left or right side of your upper lip (monroe),


Cheeks are simple you can get one on each side which usually gives the apperance of dimples, or they can be by the corners of your mouth.

original image


For the ears you can have your lobes pierced as many that can fit, your cartilage (general term) as many as you can fit, helix, conch,  tragus, rook, industrial, diath, snug, orbital, etc. The possibilities are endless. I even had a vertical industrial pictured here:

Belly Button

Another simple selection. You can get the classic belly piercing, but you can also get the lower navel pierced as well! I personally love the look of it. In addition you can get each side pierced as well. There’s also the option for a vertical lower navel piercing. That’s a difficult one that doesn’t usually heal well for most people. But I still included the picture.

Anywhere else

As far as the general body goes, you can always get dermals. I’ll include some pictures below of some good ideas!

Keep in Mind: All piercings are done at the piercers discression. Not all people can get all of these piercings. All bodies are different so not all piercing will work out. Make sure to consult your piercer to see what best suits you.

Let me know what piercings you have or want in the comments!


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